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27 years of professional customized gear transmission manufacturers, high-speed teeth, bevel gears for 10 consecutive years into the domestic gear industry top three, has been awarded 45 national invention and utility model patents

Zhizhan Gear and Yongjin Heavy Machinery have both been awarded the "Specialized and Innovat

2022-10-28 Source:Original Views:2394

     On June 1st, the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization announced the list of "Specialized, Refined, Special and New" small and medium-sized enterprises in Chongqing for 2022. After being recommended and audited by the competent authorities, evaluated by third-party organizations, and subjected to public scrutiny, both Chongqing Zhizhan Gear Transmission Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Yongjin Heavy Machinery Complete Equipment Co., Ltd. have successfully made it onto the list.

    The recognition of "specialized, refined, distinctive, and new" enterprises has strict evaluation criteria for their innovation capabilities, technological strength, production efficiency, and quality assurance. Being successfully selected this time is a recognition of the comprehensive strength of Zhizhan Gear.

      This year, we have granted 8 utility model patents and 14 design patents.

      Since the integration of the two companies in 2019, they have fully leveraged their respective strengths and effectively integrated resources, forming a high-tech enterprise with gear transmission equipment as its core business, integrating technology research and development, production, sales, and services. The company has always adhered to the core value of "creating value for customers" and continuously carried out technological innovations, many of which have achieved domestic firsts. In terms of business direction, the company adheres to the parallel development of survival and growth. It actively responds to the huge uncertainties brought by the epidemic to the company's operations through meticulous management, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement measures. While ensuring stable operation, the company has purchased more than 20 processing equipment, established a heat treatment workshop, gradually improved the company's production chain, and further enhanced its comprehensive strength to better serve customers.

      In the future, the company will continue to adhere to innovation, emphasize craftsmanship, constantly enhance its core competitiveness in the market, and promote high-quality development of the enterprise. It will closely follow national strategies and industrial demands, fully leverage its exemplary role in "specialization, expertise, and novelty," fill gaps and deficiencies, and contribute to the construction of a manufacturing powerhouse for the country.


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