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the transmission system for Aircraft test stand vacuum chamber simulation system

2020-07-10 Source:Original Views:11303
  This project is used for the product simulation temperature-height online test platform. The entire test platform is provided by our company, and our company is responsible for the overall design of the mechanical transmission system. The bearing box is the wall-penetrating mechanism of the vacuum environment chamber, with a speed of 30,000 r/min. The working conditions of the bearing box are harsh, requiring it to withstand high and low temperatures, vacuum environment, and to extend into the vacuum environment chamber. The overall structure is a cantilever design. With the successful on-site test run, the bearing box has surpassed the application limit of a rolling bearing at 30,000 r/min, and has replaced the magnetic fluid seal in terms of structure and principle. It has played a key role in the construction of the high-altitude cabin test platform.


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