Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture Philosophy



Committed to becoming a leader in the gear transmission industry



To provide customers with high-value transmission solutions and become a respected enterprise



Customer first, people-oriented, seek truth from facts, open and inclusive



Work diligently, live joyfully!

Core Value

Core Value

Creating value for customers

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2023.08Chongqing Zhizhan has been recognized as a national-level specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative enterprise.

2022.10Altra-high-speed aircraft test benches gearboxes have been designed and manufactured, with a rotational speed of 100,000 rpm, the highest in the country.


2022.06Chongqing ZhiZhan and Yongjin Heavy Machinery both were awarded the title of "Specialized, Specialized, and New Enterprise in Chongqing"

2022.05The welding workshop established, making the production chain more complete.

2021.08Chongqing Zhizhan was awarded the title of "Chongqing Digitalized Workshop."

2021.07A 15MW, 21600rpm three-stage high-speed gearbox has been designed and manufactured, playing a key role in the construction of the aviation new materials test stand.

2021.05Chongqing Zhizhan has been recognized as the Enterprise Technology Center in Jiangjin District.

2021.03The key technologies and applications of modeling, simulation, and fault diagnosis in the dynamics of company fluid machinery won the second prize of the Excellent Achievements Award for Scientific Research in Higher Education.

2020.04Yongjin Heavy Machinery Company relocated its office to the Chongqing International Student Entrepreneurship Park.

2020.11The domestically designed and manufactured multi-shaft high-speed gearbox for level-six expansion power generation and energy storage with the largest power of 10.5MW in China has been successfully developed.

2019.03Chongqing ZhiZhan and Yongjin Heavy Machinery have completed the integration procedures, forming a high-tech enterprise with gear transmission equipment as its core business, integrating research and development, production, sales, and service.

2019.03The key technologies and applications of the compression components test for companys aviation engines have won the second prize of Sichuan Province Science and Technology Progress Award.



2015.09A 4MW multi-shaft gear speed increaser for expansion power generation has been designed and manufactured.

2014.12Design and manufacture high-power 29MW gas turbine generator gearbox for Siemens Industrial GST600 project in Sweden.


2010.10Design and manufacture the first nuclear power upper charge pump gearbox (Yangjiang project).

2009.08A high-power triple-flow gearbox with a power of 18.7MW and a linear velocity of 171m/s has been designed and manufactured.

2008.09Chongqing ZhiZhan was established with a commitment to manufacturing high-precision large spiral bevel gears.

2007.11The domestically highest-speed gear case with a linear velocity of 180m/s has been designed and manufactured.

2006.06A high-power, high-speed three-stream gearbox has been designed and manufactured for use in an aviation test stand.

2005The separation of main business and auxiliary operations from state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises has accomplished, and Chongqing Yongjin Heavy Machineary is now is controlled by Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd.

2005.07The company has successfully designed and manufactured the first H-type gear compressor gearbox.

2004.11The high-speed gearbox with the highest domestic speed of 80,000 rpm and a linear speed of 153 m/s was designed and manufactured.

1999.03Introducing the GS series single-stage high-speed gearbox, mainly used in the compressor and fan industries.

1997.09Chongqing Yongjin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. was established, and it is a subsidiary of Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd., focusing on the research and manufacturing of high-speed gearboxes.


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