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27 years of professional customized gear transmission manufacturers, high-speed teeth, bevel gears for 10 consecutive years into the domestic gear industry top three, has been awarded 45 national invention and utility model patents

  • ZZ1040
  • ZZ1040


It is an exported product, the gear diameter is 1.611m, with 142 teeth, and a backlash width of 6mm.


Product overview

Application Area: Petroleum (mud pump)

Product features: Involute tooth profile, small or no back rake, gear outer diameter of 2m, unlimited gear shaft length, unlimited module, 1.3m face width, tooth surface hardness of HRC58-62, precision 5-GB10095.

——The product is widely used in the fields of wind power, cement, oil drilling, shipping, thermal power, coal, mining, metallurgy, transportation, engineering machinery, water conservancy hub, aerospace, etc.

——The product has accuracy reaching the international level and some parameters exceed the international level. The comprehensive accuracy of the worm gear reaches DIN4 level, some parameters reach DIN3 level, and the rated power is 7800KW. The conventional gear accuracy reaches DIN2 level, and the position tolerance of the housing mounting holes is <0.03mm (50 mounting holes on a 2000mm pitch circle).

——The spiral bevel gear types are Klingelnberg and Gleason, with a large gear outer diameter of 2m, unlimited gear shaft total length and module, and the ability to optimize the gear to improve bending and contact strength. The gear surface hardness is HRC58-62, and the accuracy is 5-DIN3965.

——The product has a large span, with a maximum diameter of 3000mm for the hardened tooth surface worm and an unlimited overall length. The conventional gear diameter is 2000mm, with unlimited gear module. The housing rotation diameter is 3000mm, and the height is 2500mm.


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