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The 1st Fishing Competition of Fishing Association's

2023-03-14 Source:Original Views:906
The First Fishing Competition of Zhizhan Gear Fishing Association

  To enrich the leisure life of employees and promote communication and skill exchange among members of the company's fishing association, the company's fishing association organized the first fishing competition on the morning of June 20th in Degang, Jiangjin. A total of 13 association members participated in the competition.

  The contestants arrived at the competition venue before 8:00 am, all fully equipped and in high spirits. The fishing spots were determined through a lucky draw, and the weight of the designated fish caught within the specified time determined the rankings. At the competition site, the contestants prepared bait, cast lines, set up fishing rods, and adjusted their floats, immersing themselves in an orderly and intense competition. While the contestants were focused on the competition, the company's entertainment group also launched a limited-time guessing activity "Who is the Champion" in the entertainment group, creating a lively atmosphere both on and off the field. After 3 hours of competition, Yongchun Zhang  from the Operations Department won the championship.

  After the competition, the contestants gathered at a farmhouse for dinner, marking the successful conclusion of the fishing competition.

  This event is the first association activity since the establishment of the Workers' Interest Association in May of this year. It not only brought joy to the body and mind, enriched leisure life, but also enhanced communication among employees. We believe that with the active participation of all employees and the active organization of the trade union, the forms of various interest association activities will become more diversified, and the content will become richer and more interesting. We will practice the concept of "happy work, happy life, and happy earning" and jointly create a culture of "home" for Chongqing Zhizhan Gear.


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