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Top 10 Key Products in 2022

2023-01-31 Source:Original Views:2982

Top 10 Key Products  in 2022

1 Vacuum Chamber Simulation Test Transmission System(ZCX06F)

The product is used for a simulating temperature-altitude online test platform. The entire test platform is provided by our company, which is responsible for the overall design of the mechanical transmission. The bearing box is the through-wall mechanism of the vacuum environment chamber, with a maximum speed of 30,000 r/min. The bearing box is subjected to harsh test conditions, including high and low temperatures, vacuum environment, and needs to extend into the vacuum environment chamber. It is an overall cantilever structure. With the successful on-site testing, the bearing box has surpassed the application limit of 30,000 r/min for rolling bearings, and has replaced the magnetic fluid seal in terms of structure and principle, playing a key role in the construction of the high-altitude cabin test platform.

 2  A new type of gear box for carbon dioxide storage(H22130)

This gearbox is applied in a key equipment of a new carbon dioxide energy storage project verification, where surplus electricity is used during off-peak hours to compress the carbon dioxide gas at room temperature and pressure into liquid form. During peak hours, the stored thermal energy is used to heat the liquid carbon dioxide back to gas state, driving a steam turbine for power generation. This gearbox features a multi-shaft output structure, with an output power of 11MW, a pitch line velocity of 138.5m/s, a large gear diameter of approximately 2m, and high precision machining requirements. It is a precision large-scale thin-walled gear, posing high manufacturing difficulty. Both the design and manufacturing of this gearbox have reached domestic standards, laying a foundation for the localization of multi-shaft gear-type compressors or expanders.

3 High-Speed Multi-Axis Gearbox(CQ199F.3)

The gearbox is used for aviation high-speed test stand with a power of 80KW and a speed of 26715rpm. It adopts a two-stage parallel-axis transmission, with the high-speed shaft supported by a sliding bearing and the rest supported by rolling bearings. each technical indicators meets the customer's requirements and receiving high recognition from the users. This project demonstrates our company's comprehensive capabilities in design, production, and assembly, showcasing our ability to handle tough challenges.

4  Herringbone High-Speed Gearbox(GSC610)

The product adopts a single-stage herringbone gear transmission structure with gear accuracy of ISO1328 class 3-5, which meets standards such as API613 and AGMA6011. It is a platform product developed based on the company's years of industry design and manufacturing experience, combined with international advanced technology concepts. Through measures such as finite element simulation technology, modular design, system dynamic characteristics analysis, shock absorption and noise reduction optimization, fluid simulation analysis, and precise gear modification, its efficiency, vibration, noise, and other performance have reached international advanced level. The product can transmit power ≥ 40MW, and the annual output has reached more than 20 units. Currently, it is stably operating in industries such as large steam turbines and gas turbines.

5   Fracturing Pump Gearbox(SYJX2800A)

The gearbox is used in a research and development vehicle-mounted fracturing pump for a petroleum unit. It has a total weight of 1.8 tons and an output horsepower of 2088hp. The gearbox is a single-stage parallel shaft plus planetary gear transmission, using a assembled herringbone tooth design, which greatly reduces the installation space and weight. It achieves a high power density transmission with a large center distance in a narrow space, laying an important foundation for our company's entry into the petroleum machinery industry.

6  Scraper gearbox(JS525)

This reducer is one of the coal mine scraper reducer series independently developed by our company, which has passed the coal safety certification. It transmits power of 525 kW, with a transmission ratio of 33. It adopts a vertical structure to meet the parallel arrangement with the main engine, and the installation type is side-mounted. The design life of the whole machine is 50,000 hours. This reducer adopts advanced planetary floating technology, planetary wheel without grinding assembly method, and magnetite sealing technology, etc. The vibration, temperature, noise, and other indicators are all lower than the industry standards. It has a very high reliability in the harsh working environment of coal mines.

7   Gas engine-powered gearbox(CD433.03)

This project is used for the gas turbine power test bench with a power of 33 MW. The input speed is 4500 r/min, and the output speed is 4604 r/min. The structure is a three-stage horizontal transmission, with the middle two stages using a herringbone gear structure. The total center height of the gearbox is 2850 mm. It adopts modal analysis of the gearbox, optimized bearings, and precise alignment of herringbone gears. The test was qualified in one go, and all test data exceeded the API standard. The design and manufacturing of the gearbox have reached the domestic level, playing a key role in the construction of the gas turbine power test bench.undefined

8  Differential pressure power generation gearbox(H1450)

This gearbox is used for natural gas pressure difference power generation projects. Natural gas pressure difference power generation is a new and green way of utilizing energy, converting pressure energy into electrical energy. It greatly improves energy utilization efficiency and the economic and social benefits of pipeline operation. The gearbox has a rated power of 835 kW, a high speed of 17,112 rpm, and a low speed of 3,015 rpm. The project is used in natural gas stations, and the working medium of the expansion machine is natural gas, which is a flammable and explosive gas. Therefore, high requirements are placed on the balance and reliability of the gearbox transmission.

9  100000rpm high-speed gearbox(GS2H142)

This product is a joint research and development project between our company and a certain university. The rotational speed can reach 100,000 rpm, and it is mainly used for experimental platforms with ultra-high speed requirements. Currently, the gearboxes in this field mainly rely on imports, and the key difficulties lie in the selection and application of rolling bearings under high and ultra-high speeds, the design, processing, and heat treatment of small size, small module, and high precision gear shafts, the control of the critical speed of the rotor bearing system under high speeds, and the design and application of sliding bearings under ultra-high speeds. In response to these problems, our company expects to solve and apply them through close cooperation with universities and practical engineering application experience, in order to achieve reliable operation and achieve the goal of replacing imports with domestic products. The various indicators of this gearbox test meet international standards, fully demonstrating our company's rich experience and high level in high-speed transmission design and production field.

10  8MW High-Speed Planetary Gearbox(CQ341.1.2)

The product is a high-speed planetary gearbox of the NW type with high power and large speed ratio, developed for a scientific research institution. The gearbox has a rated power of 8000 kW, a rated input speed of 4000 r/min, a single-stage reduction ratio of 20, and a gear linear velocity of 45 m/s. This gearbox is the first NW type planetary gearbox independently developed by our company, solving key technologies such as gear design for the NW type planetary mechanism, design of the load-sharing mechanism, design of the sliding bearings for the planetary gears, manufacturing of thin-walled nitrided internal gears, and processing and manufacturing of dual planetary gears. It lays the foundation for the development of high-power, large speed ratio, high-speed planetary gearboxes in our company.


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