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Ignite hope with true love, and let love help achieve dreams. | Chongqing Zhizhan held the 2023 an

2023-08-23 Source:Original Views:1753

        On August 22nd, the company held the 2023 Annual Employee Children's Love Scholarship Award Ceremony in the conference room on the fourth floor, and distributed scholarships to 16 college students on the spot. This year marks the 7th year of the company's distribution of the Employee Children's Love Scholarship, with over 80 recipients and over 600,000 yuan in scholarship funds distributed to date.

        After watching the corporate promotional video, I gained a better understanding of the development history, product applications, technological capabilities, and manufacturing capabilities of the company where my parents work.

        Cao Yuhang, a freshman at the University of Massachusetts, representing the students, expressed in her speech that in addition to her own efforts, she achieved her current academic success with the support of her parents, teachers, relatives and friends, as well as the care and assistance from a company. She specifically mentioned the valuable advice on choosing a study abroad destination and school provided by the company's CEO, which enabled her to enter her ideal university. In her speech, she reminisced about the scenes from her childhood when she participated in team-building activities organized by the company, describing the happiness she felt and the personal growth, courage, love, and inclusiveness she experienced. She quoted a few lines from the graduation speech of the famous American singer Taylor Swift at New York University to inspire and bless everyone: "There will be times in life when you need to stand up for yourself, sometimes the right thing to do is to compromise and apologize; sometimes the right thing to do is to fight to the end; sometimes the right thing to do is to persist with all your might; and sometimes it is to let go gracefully. If you fall, get up, dust yourself off, and tell yourself that you can do it. The road ahead is long, but we are young, and the young are not afraid of the passage of time."

        Mr. He Rui, representing the R&D center of the company, spoke on behalf of the parents who received assistance. Firstly, he expressed gratitude on behalf of all the parents of the sponsored students for the company's care and support for their children's studies, as well as the long-term care and assistance provided to them personally and their children's growth. He stated that the establishment of the Employee Children's Education Fund fully demonstrates the company's love for its employees, concern for the growth of their children, and the importance placed on education. As an employee, he will work even harder to contribute to the company's development and make his own contribution.

        Mr. He Rong, the Chairman and General Manager of the company, extended congratulations on behalf of the company to all students and their parents, wishing all students success in their studies and the realization of their dreams. During his speech, Mr. He further introduced the recent development of the company and explained the original intention of providing financial aid to employees' children. He encouraged students to engage in systematic and in-depth learning, hoping that they would make friends with the library and the sports field during their study, and become someone who loves reading, is ambitious, and has a heart. He wished that the children would always hold onto their dreams and continue to climb upwards step by step!

        More than 40 company leaders, assisted students, and parents attended the scholarship distribution ceremony.


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