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27 years of professional customized gear transmission manufacturers, high-speed teeth, bevel gears for 10 consecutive years into the domestic gear industry top three, has been awarded 45 national invention and utility model patents

Solution overview

The company's products are widely used in the energy generation industry and have formed a series of products. They can also provide customized transmission solutions according to user needs. Through measures such as finite element simulation analysis, fluid simulation analysis, system dynamic characteristic analysis, and gear modification, the products' vibration, noise, and transmission efficiency are brought to the international advanced level.

Industry Characteristics
1. High-power units
2. High transmission efficiency requirements

Product Series
1. GSC series
2. H series

Classic Applications
1. GSC900F1: Supporting SGT600 gas turbine unit, power: 29MW, speed: 1500rpm-7500rpm.
2. GSC250: Supporting the primary coolant pump in nuclear power plants, with high stability.
3. H32632: Six-stage expansion power generation multi-shaft gear high-speed gearbox, used for energy storage power generation, with a power of 10.5MW.
4. H22130: Used in a new type of carbon dioxide energy storage project, with a power of 11MW and a pitch circle diameter speed of 138.5m/s.

Solution Advantages

  • Technology origin

    Technology origin

    Design technology originates from Germany's Roman company and the rich experience accumulated over the years in the design and manufacturing of hard-toothed surface gear transmission devices.

  • Design Standards

    Design Standards

    Benchmarked against international industry design standards. API613、API617、API670、API684、AGMA6011、AGMA2101、ISO6336、DIN3990 etc.

  • Multidimensional analysis

    Multidimensional analysis

    KISSsoft is used for gear strength and profile modification analysis, DyRoBeS is used for rotor dynamics analysis, and 3DE is used for digital modeling and simulation analysis.

  • Rich engineering experience

    Rich engineering experience

    Established in 1997, it is the earliest domestic gear research and development and manufacturing unit with high-speed gearboxes as its core business. Currently, it is capable of designing speeds up to 100,000 rpm, power up to 50MW, and tip speeds up to 180m/s.

Product portfolio

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